Additional Testimonials
Carol Sinclair of Honolulu, Hawaii was diagnosed with coronary artery disease in 2006 and referred for bypass surgery.  She declined surgery and elected a more effective, noninvasive treatment - the Pauling therapy.

When Carol's heart function was noted to be improving at each subsequent three-month checkup, her cardiologist would ask her what she was doing that could account for her improvement.  Carol would simply reply each time, "I'm taking my vitamins." 

Knowing that her doctors may very well refute the benefits of the vitamin C and lysine protocol, Carol chose, as so many others, to continue her quest in silence until she could finally reveal the end result: Complete reversal of her artery blockages on the Pauling therapy WITHOUT bypass.

That day came but her doctors were still reluctant to give credit where credit was due - to the scientist Pauling and Carol's willingness to heed his advice.  What follows is Carol's testimony in her own words.
Carol Sinclair
Experienced complete reversal of her coronary artery disease by following the Pauling therapy protocol.
Today, Carol is again enjoying all the things she loves including riding Harleys, and living life to its fullest, while doing her best to spread the urgent news that Americans no longer have to suffer from cardiovascular disease.  There is a way to overcome it.  She found it, she tried it, and it worked. 

Carol's story is but one in 18 YEARS of consistent testimony which demonstrates that Linus Pauling’s recommended dosages of the vitamin C, lysine (and proline) (which he and Dr. Rath called Lp(a) binding inhibitors) are almost always effective for reversing symptoms of advanced coronary heart disease within 30 to 90 days after achieving the recommended dosage. 

Carol now joins the ranks of the following who have also experienced relief from heart disease, chest pain, high cholesterol, hypertension, and stroke with the Pauling therapy for heart disease.
"The one of me on my bike was on Super Bowl day...  It was the first time out since my failed ablation...  Do I look happy???   I felt a little guilty because I'm not supposed to ride... because of the blood thinners.   Smile!!"

Carol Sinclair
September 27, 2007

"I did start with the Rath vitamins, but found the Heart Technology formula (almost the same) was easier to take. I have a hard time swallowing pills.   I have been on this adventure (looking for a cure on my own) for about 3 years.  I  have been taking the Vitamin C and etc for 6 months.  Three with Rath's combos and 3 with the [Product Name] formula.  I am so exited about this... 

"The Picture was taken in 2005... I was happy to get back on my bike for a short ride.  I suppose I am Hawaii's oldest female rider.  I just ride with friends and family on Sunday when I get brave... I am on coumadin, so I must be careful....  My doc would plotz if he saw this picture.  ha ha.. This was one year after an ablation for afib.  I felt ok, but I knew I had to do something about the cardiovascular problem...but what?????  I sort of gave up on the afib problem.... I figured I would just live for the moment because that's all I had.  Then late in 2006 I found Dr. Rath's book... and Dr. Linus Pauling's work.  Wow... I started slow, then went the whole route in 2007.  Had to deal with the coumadin and my cardio Doctor...  When I have a quiet moment tomorrow I will try to piece this all together for you.  Looks like Cholesterol is not the real culprit.. so's lack of Vit C...bottom line!  smile..."

February 2, 2008

" . . . my Dr. thinks that my reversal was caused by exercise and diet... it wasn't..  I eat anything I want to and the only exercise I get is walking for a few minutes between offices at work... It will be difficult for me to get any testimonial from him. But I will write a little one for you anyway.  I had another follow-up yesterday and my numbers were really good.. My LDL had gone down about 30 points.  It was sky high because of the plaque being sloughed off by the protocol... but I guess that's over since my heart is clear, and I can go on a maintenance dose.  Dr. Rath (a friend and colleague of Linus Pauling) points out that cholesterol tests go way up while taking Vic  C, L-lysine and L-proline... It causes a false high reading.  My last false LDL reading was about 167....out of a total of 240 or so.  I felt good about it even tho it was upside down because knew the Heart protocol was working.  But my Dr. was horrified and wanted me to take a statin drug.. I didn't.  I believe he feels that vitamins are not the answer.  He told me he doesn't care how this is happening, just to keep it happening.  He doesn't want to hear about [Product Name].  Aurghhh!!!  

". . . I'm still taking Coumadin for the AFIB. I will have an echo cardiogram in May to see if the atrium has returned to it's original size... I think he [my doctor] will be surprised.  Without the plaque, everything might heal.  smile   I am taking extra L-proline for the Lone AFIB because I read a testimony, on one of Linus Paulings sites, stating that it cured that too... so since it's non-toxic that's my next adventure..  At this time my heart remains "un-blocked", all my arteries are clean.  Yay!!!  I will have another nuclear test in 9 months.  That will be very interesting."

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July 2003

Thank you for giving heart disease patients like myself hope for a future without heart disease.  Though I didn't find your product until after undergoing a recommended three-vessel coronary artery bypass surgery in 2002, I began your product the day I returned home from the hospital and have since had amazing results with my cholesterol, as follows:

Before starting the Pauling therapy:  Total Cholesterol 242.  LDL Cholesterol 163.

Doctor's Comments Before: "There's no proof that nutritional supplements can lower cholesterol or help with heart disease.  You need to be taking a statin drug."

After being on the Pauling therapy for eight months: Total Cholesterol 164.  LDL Cholesterol 101.

Doctor's Comments After: "This is remarkable! I've never seen such a drop in the numbers. If cardiologists knew this, they would be recommending this to all their patients."

William Cook, Louisville, Kentucky
William Cook
Coronary heart disease patient who experienced a 100-point drop in his total cholesterol after seven months on the Pauling therapy.
How heart patients are benefitting from the Pauling therapy for heart disease


December 2007

Update:  I underwent a cardiac catheterization in December of 2007, some six years after my original bypass surgery and my bypass grafts are still intact and without blockages.  Once again, I have Linus Pauling's recommendations to thank for my ongoing good health.  

William Cook, Louisville, Kentucky


Twelve years ago Carol Smith's doctors told her to get her affairs in order.  She found the Pauling therapy for heart disease and this photo was taken at her daughter's wedding in February 2008.

Wed Feb 27 17:27:47 CST 2008

My mother was about to have a bypass surgery in Nov 2007. She was diagnosed with 3 blocked arteries and needed two replacement valves, the mitral and one other.

They took an x-ray of the veins in the neck and the specialist at Staffordshire Hospital said that doing the heart was a waste of time. We found your web sites.

She has made a wonderful recovery and now is back in her flat and I am amazed!!!!!

She has only had Vitamin C to date.


Mary N., UK


On Feb 5th 2007, my Dr. stated the LAD was 97% blocked and the Rt Coronary was blocked 67%. A medicated stent was implanted in the LAD.

On June 26th the Dr. stated the RtC Artery was completely clear and a 10% blockage in the LAD where the stent was implanted. [Product Name] receives the credit for clearing the RtC Artery. Thanks for a great product that works.

The tests used in determining the % of blockage were Cardiac Catheterization, Coronary and Heart x-rays with a dye injected.



Mon Mar 13, 2006 1:22 pm

This is my story about the article that describes what I am taking and doing now to stop chest pain and to stop what would be my fifth and possibly my final heart attack. I have already had five heart operations including a quad bypass and various stent operations, none radioactive thank goodness.

Although I was doing everything expected of me, i.e., following the Ornish plan which in my case involved being a strict vegetarian (vegan) for five years. (I did all this immediately after my first heart attack and quad bypass in 1995.) I was 41 years old in 1995. I continued to get worse.

I suffered three more heart attacks and four more heart operations, the last heart attack (my fourth) and another heart operation ( my fifth) in DEC. of 2003. at that time my doctors recommended the possibility of a pacemaker/defibrillator be installed. They did not know what was killing me, but said they would be able to 'take care of me' with more operations! I declined to have an 'operation/test' that would result in maybe having a pacemaker installed. that was Dec. 2003.

Last October of 2005 I did intensive research (on the Internet) to discover what I could do to stay alive. I was having more chest pain and realized I was over due for another heart attack and operation (based on my previous ten years experience).

I discovered, or rediscovered what Linus Pauling had to say about heart disease. the 'powers that be' did a good job of influencing me to ignore Linus Pauling, describing him as a failing old man with a 'mental' problem who had once been a great scientist. they said he was wrong about vitamin C. I believed them. I recently read all of Linus Pauling's books. I was very impressed and I finally understood my situation. This led me to search for more info on Dr. Rath, etc. I now consider Linus Pauling to be the greatest most significant scientist of this era. He really devoted a big chunk of his life and made the best effort to get the word out about ascorbic acid. Fortunately for mankind he is not alone. Pauling was preceded by great men and women in the study of vitamin C and that work continues with great men and women today.

The real issue now is how to get the word out about ascorbic acid.

I did slowly stop my statins and blood pressure meds etc. back around Nov. 2005. I started ten grams of vitamin C every day spaced out five times during the day about that same time. I felt so much better after a few weeks that I continued my research and the use of C and now follow the protocol in full: I have not felt this good in over twelve years!



2004 email

I was suffering from angina and a serious blockage to the back of my heart in 1998. I found this web site and I have been on Dr. Pauling's Vitamin C & Lysine therapy for around six years now. I wish I had known then what I know now about other things. I've had several strokes due to elevated blood pressure and hi blood sugar.

Thankfully, these things are under control now. To vindicate my convictions about the 'Pauling Therapy', the many (and I might add diverse) Echo Cardiograms have revealed on four different occasions ...there are no plaques in my chest, heart or carotid arteries. The last and most comprehensive doppler was what they called a TEE (Transe Esophageal EKG) where a transducer is lowered into the esophagus. Ultrasonic pinging takes very fine pictures of the surrounding vascular system and reveals even minute vascular problems including plaque build-ups of course.

This TEE revealed no plaques (it did reveal a pin-hole between heart valves that they say is no threat...). I need no convincing about Linus Pauling's Vitamin C & Lysine discoveries(!)


Previously: Fri Mar 3 07:25:05 CST 2000

I must tell you that since I have been on the therapy for appx nine months, I have been a busy person. Just last week I dug (alone) a hole excavating back from a retaining wall that was slipping due to water run-off. I had a pile of dirt over waist high to show for my afternoon's work! I also dug a trench back to a point on stable ground where I poured a reenforced concrete piling to which I attached a chain to hold braces on the realigned retaining wall ...know what? The work was fun! I felt like my arms and legs could be used as tools again!!! :-) Thank you Linus Pauling

Previously: Sun Aug 29 09:45:42 CDT 1999 ...

Since I've been on the Pauling therapy I am walking 2 miles almost every night ...cut my front and back yard without taking long breaks (in the Florida heat and humidity). Mind you I'm no spring chicken and I know my limitations (I don't climb tall buildings, don't run any marathons, fight or push cars), but I am starting to feel real good and am beginning to be able to do things that someone in good health at my age (55) ought to be able to do ... and I know there are guys my age skiing and running marathons ...who knows(?) Thank you for the good medicine.

R. M


Mon Mar 03, 2008

HI, Thanks for all the info, I can say that I haven't felt this good in a long time. I am very worried about the rest of the world who are being led like little lambs to take their statins and develop all kinds of problems never realizing that its the meds.

I plan to check my blood lipids in July will post the results, I am now tolerating 5 gms of C and 5 grams of Lysine, spread over 5 doses a day. My BP is improving and I have to decrease my BP meds to prevent fatigue. I also take 500 mgs of niacin twice a day to improve circulation and it also helps lipids to improve. All the aches, sever tendon pains, loss of flexibility are easing off. I thought it was age.



Mon Mar 03, 2008

January 2004

The update is as follows---- I FEEL TERRIFIC!!!!!!! The chest pains are gone. As well as all the classic symptoms of a heart attack. Weight has come down, cholesterol has come down. I have been on a full exercise regimen and I have had nary a problem or 'moment' (mine and Carol's pet name) The last blood work done, except for what my doctor considered a bit high sugar level, was excellent. Blood Pressure has averaged 110/76 for the last 3 months(the doctor cut the Toprol XL dosage in half), cholesterol no higher then 168 total. HDL is still low at 34 but I have not taken Niacin which was suggested-I figure the longer I exercise it will slowly get back up to a good level.

It is so nice to feel whole again! Not having to feel the heart beat, or suffering palpitations that takes your breath away every 5 minutes or so, the tightness, the 'symptoms' of a heart attack 24 hrs a day 7 days a week!! I am very grateful for finding [Product Name], you, and people who have come before me, that tried the product and have had success in regaining their health also! Here's to continued good health!!!!

Paul D., GA


November 5, 2002

I really love the ([Product Name]) product and tell everyone about it. I also have informed my Dr. and he just said "Oh, your heart must have formed a natural by-pass." He wouldn't even read the liturature,,,,,,too bad for him and the rest of his patients.

J. M.


June 2003

I have been taking [Product Name] for 5 years since I was diagnosed having a heart disease. My last angiogram shows no progression in those blockages. Credit must be given to [Product Name]™.




October 18, 2002

My wife has been on [Product Name] for 15 months now (1 jar [Product Name] after 3 bypass. She had an additional artery closing down and the doctor was going to do brachytherapy on her when they went in one month after starting on [Product Name]™ the blockage was gone and they backed out. Bottom line, "This stuff WORKS!!"

J & R W


January 2004 - UK

I started the 6 g per day of Vitamin C and Lysine, (with the other items, on January 3rd. 2004). After only 3 days and onwards I believed that I was feeling some small benefits, but today, 12th. January, I have been for a brisk walk of approx. 1 mile, (in my lunch break), with some undulation, and I have not suffered any Angina pain. I could not have done this walk, prior to January 3rd. Without considerable angina being noticed, to the point where I would not have considered attempting the exercise. I am absolutely thrilled, and after telling my Wife, Daughter and Son, I felt that I had to tell you, and say thanks. I will continue as recommended and advise again around the end of January.

Many, many thanks for you responding to my initial Email.


Barry M. - UK


October 18, 2002

I know that you already must have a mountain of testimonials attesting to the value of the Vitamin "C" and L-Proline L-Lysine therapy, but I am sure you won't mind reading one from me, since my experience with heart disease may vary from that of many others. My story includes a favorable response to Atrial Fibrillation.

Some years ago, I was given an Angioplasty, since one of my arteries was 75% closed. This procedure, improved the standard of my daily life for several months, until it was discovered that my artery had closed again. Another angioplasty was performed, and this time a stent was inserted to hold the artery open. I continued to enjoy life to the full, but a year or two later, my heartbeat became very irregular.

I have suffered from high cholesterol (around 270) for many years, and when I took Leschol to improve this condition, I went into Jaundice, and was admitted to hospital for treatment for two weeks. It was subsequently diagnosed that the Leschol, together with a combination of other drugs that I was taking for high blood pressure, was the cause of my jaundice.

Eventually, some years later, my irregular heartbeat condition progressed to Atrial Fibrillation, and I was given Sotolol in the hope that this would help with my problem. Subsequently, I underwent a Cardioversion procedure. This put my heart back into sinus rhythm for about five months, when it became necessary for me to have another Cardioversion . This in turn lasted for maybe two months, when I was once again, back in Atrial Fibrillation. Since Solotol was no longer helping me, my doctor decided to discontinue its use, and instead, prescribed Amiodarone. A week later, I underwent my third cardioversion, and this time I was in S.R. for no more than an hour, before reverting once again to Atrial Fibrillation. However, within a week , I found that although I was no longer in Fibrillation, my heartbeat was irregular.

At this time, I learned of the Pauling/Rath therapy, and began to take around 6-8 grams of vitamin C and 6 grams of Lysine daily. After about six weeks, I still had an irregular heart beat, and so I added L-Proline to my Lysine intake, and within quite a short time period, I discovered that my heart was in S.R. (sinus rhythm). When it continued in this state for a couple of weeks, I decided to attempt to wean myself off Amiodarone, since I was aware of its proclivity to cause severe side effects.

I had started taking 400mg of this drug daily, and over a period of several weeks, slowly reduced its intake, until I was taking only 50mg every second day. Just over a week ago now, I stopped this drug completely, and I am still in S.R. (sinus rhythm).

I forgot to mention that after my second cardioversion, it was considered necessary for me to have a pacemaker inserted, since my heart beat had dropped to around 38 bpm. I am now feeling extremely well, and am no longer limited in any way from doing any desired daily activities. I know that I have Dr. Pauling and Dr. Rath to thank for this, and shall be eternally grateful to them. I should add that I am now 80 years of age. Thank you in anticipation of your taking time to read yet another testimonial to the Dr.Pauling/Rath therapy.

Gordon C.


Nov 8, 2004

My name is Pauline S.. I am 62 years old and had quadruple heart bypass surgery March 2002. Had incredibly difficult time recuperating. Disagreed with my doctor on treatment regarding statin drugs. My problems with statins were muscle cramps, severe joint pain, stomach pain, depression and nerve problems which finally caused me to take a medical leave from my job this past March. Some time ago a friend recommended taking the following supplements instead of prescription drugs:

Fish Oil Pills 1,000 mg - 6/day
Red Yeast Rice 600 mg - 4/day
Vitamin E 400 mg - 1/day
Folic Acid 400 mg  - 2/day

I felt no significant change.

Sept 1st of this year I found the following statement on a web site (can't remember where but thank GOD!). "Try this - guaranteed to lower cholesterol at least 18% in six weeks." 6000 mg. Vitamin C, 6000 mg L-Lysine, 200 mg CoQ10.

I began taking this combo in addition to the Fish Oil etc. on Sept 12 of this year. I'm not sure if the fish oil regimen in combination with the vit. C made a difference or if it was just the Vitamin C regimen. But, after only two weeks I began feeling like a new person. For the first time in years I wanted to do things that I had to force myself to do only a few days before. I began cleaning, cooking, sewing, working in the yard - just could not figure out how to work everything into each short day. I actually enjoy getting up in the morning.

I found the [Product Name]™ web site a few days after I discovered this vitamin C stuff works. Really was having trouble swallowing 24 vitamin pills per a plus a blood thinner and baby aspirin. My regimen is now as follows: (so simple)

Two scoops {Product Name] in A.M., 2 fish oil capsules, 1 CoQ10,
Two scoops [Product Name] in P.M., 2 fish oil capsules.
Have stopped the blood thinner and baby aspirin. (NO MORE BRUISES! THANK YOU LORD!)

My blood test results from May 2004 and October 2004 follow. (LDL dropped from 203 to 161 and total cholesterol dropped from 290 to 248).

I had been off statin drugs for approximately 3 months before each test. The October test was done after being on vitamin C for one month. Both my doctor and I were thrilled about the latest test results, until he discovered that I was not taking any prescription drugs, at which time he said, "You're playing Russian roulette you know." Maybe so, but I doubt it. I feel wonderful and the proof is in the puddin.


March 2002

I am age 58. At age 42 I had a triple by-pass after my Left-Anterior Descending coronary artery was found to be 100% blocked. I credit EDTA Chelation with then saving my life.

I have started the Pauling Therapy a couple of months ago, now 17 years after the surgery, and so far my angina continues during/after "moderate" exertion, and also when first lying in bed [ usually after a heavy meal ]. But I'm very committed to seeing this Pauling therapy process to at the least a fair [i.e. six tub ] trial. I understand and also believe what I've "studied" re: this "stuff" We'll simply have to wait and see.

P.s. I have been taking [Product Name] along with a high fiber product, and my cholesterol has dropped 100 points. But I am worried that perhaps the fiber has leached onto some of the components in [PRODUCT NAME]. In the future, I will take these products at different times of the day to avoid interference and see whether that improves efficacy for Angina.

Ralph S.

Update After Stopping the Fiber with Vitamin C/lysine

Sep 2003

The Pauling powder as I like to refer to it continues to amaze me. As an 18 year veteran of bypass surgery I confound my doctor with my health. No chest pains whatsoever when using the powder regularly! I'll say a prayer for my doctor at his funeral. [He's younger by 8-10 years so I'm safe in saying this!] Go Packers, crush da Bears!!

Ralph S., Wisconsin


Jan 2008

My mom and dad take the [Product Name]™ product every day. My dad has all kinds of health problems and requires dialysis. Your product along with a healthier diet has transformed him into a new person.

He takes the product which contains vitamin C and other goodies. He eats healthier and he has eliminated refined sugar and flour from his diet. He had a quad-bypass a couple years back and then he started on dialysis shortly thereafter. After he started [PRODUCT NAME], he no longer takes medication for his high blood pressure or for his diabetes. He takes natural supplements for his diabetes. My dad's tubes that is used for dialysis usually clogs up 2-3 times a year, but he has not had them cleared up ever since he started using [Product Name]™. He used to take blood thinner except in dialysis which they administer coumadin, but does not take them anymore. His stomach thanks him too. Aspirin made his stomach bleed.

Everyone in the family has caught the flu except for my dad. He eats better and exercises more than my Mom.

My mom takes the product too and she no longer takes her meds for high blood pressure. She monitors it everyday and is back in the normal ranges. She is not diabetic though. They have never taken any natural supplements or vitamins until now.

I contacted you because I just wanted to know what I buy for my family and the [Product Name] product gets and A+ in my BOOK.



Apr 18, 2007

Good news - surgery avoided on amputated (residual) limb!

I had an angioplasty on my amputated residual limb in 2004, and they struggled to carry out the procedure due to the size of my limb/arteries. I was left quite traumatized by the experience. Last June I was told that I needed another and was told to think about it and to come back in 3 months. I searched the Internet until I came across the Vitamin C Foundation's web site as I thought that I couldn't keep going through this year after year. I also wondered why my arteries had become blocked again and I was only being treated for the symptoms and not the cause. After following Linus Pauling's advice, I started taking Vit C, Lysine & Proline last July. I went to see the consultant in September for my ultrasound scan results and he said to my delight that "I think we will leave it for now." Surgery wasn't necessary! I went again for another ultrasound this week and was told everything looked normal and I was discharged.

I was elated. I was undecided whether or not to tell him what I had been doing as I thought he must be wondering how all is now well, but I'm afraid I chickened out . The main thing is that I have avoided the surgery very very much to my delight. Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy. I just feel for the rest who don't know about [Pauling-therapy] but I do sound like a broken record spreading the word.

Forum Member


Jan 2003

I HOPE THIS HELPS MAKE YOUR DAY, AS IT DID MINE! This morning I had my follow-up medical interview with my secondary surgeon, having had follow-up EKGs, echo cardiograms, treadmills and the like, it now being 3 l/2 months following my valve replacement, triple bypass adventure. So overwhelmingly positive and normal are the tests that he referred to me as "the cardiovascular surgery poster boy." Thank you for the [Product Name].

I had an immediate, direct and palpable response to the [Product Name] formula added to my program. This is good stuff! And I am back to intermittent EDTA chelation to help keep things working. I'm not claiming total victory yet by a long shot...

Mike C.


June, 2003

I'll be going in for major back surgery the 27th of this month. I'll be laid up for about 3 or 4 weeks flat on my back, no getting up except to go to the bath room. Sound's great doesn't it? He was piqued because I haven't seen him for over 2 years! After starting [Product Name] :-) So I had the test done. I used the exercise bicycle instead of the tread mill, because of my back and legs. The doctor couldn't understand why I didn't have more cholesterol buildup in my arteries and told me that I had a narrowing in one place of my artery; but under stress it didn't change at all, so every thing was all right and he OK'd the operation.

Gary R., MI


August, 2002

Excellent therapy. I have been using for over three months and my blood pressure was stabilized at around 125/84 and my cholesterol level also went down. Prior to that my blood pressure was 160/110. I find that consistently using Dr Pauling's therapy has really helped me. I was using two types of medications for my blood pressure-procardia, 60mg and altace 10 mg. Now, I am using only one tablet, altace.

My doctor is pleased with my improvement and told me whatever I am using to continue doing so. Most likely he is planning on taking me off from the altace,10mg. I would recommend to everyone use Pauling's therapy.

I am a member of AARP and I am angry that they have refused to place an AD for Dr Linus Pauling's therapy. They are all concerned about money and AARP seems to be greedy about money than people's health. I will write them a strong letter. God bless u my friends to share with the population such a wonderful alternative that really, really works. Great STUFF.

Rajaendra R., NY


March, 2002

My doctor recommended a triple bypass in Aug 2000. I did not have the surgery. I have been on the Pauling Therapy for one year. I have no angina at all and walk an hour a day.

Bob F., NJ


February 2002

I'm a male 46 years old. I started the Pauling Therapy about 1 one year ago. My blood pressure was approximately 125/82. It had been climbing steadily for years.

Now my blood pressure is approximately 110/65. I have not done anything else different, but take the Pauling therapy. It has worked for me and I feel fantastic. I just wished more people could learn of this miraculous cure for cardiovascular disease.

Gordon P., MN


May 2002

I ordered a case of the [Product Name] formula a few months ago after we spoke on the phone. I ordered the product for my husband for his angina chest pain. And his pain was almost nightly after removal of a nitro patch. When he began the product, I asked him to make a note of chest pain and we'll see how long this product takes to kick in. I am so happy to report that he has not had one chest pain since he began using the product! I am using it, too and the sense of well-being I feel is unbelievable. You ought to sell this as an anti-depressant, not just a heart healthy drink.

I also want to report that my husband had stents put in his legs (he was clogging up everywhere) a few months before we discovered your product. The [Product Name] powder had no adverse effects on the stents. Thank goodness.

I have two nieces in high stress situations that resulted in panic attacks and bouts of depression. They have each been using your product for a few weeks and both of them feel better, too. One niece even told me everyone in her office got sick with a cold but her! She attributed it to your product. Finally, they believe me!

Thank you-

Debbie H.


Nov 2001

Since three years ago, I have been a good [Product Name] customer. This product has made me feel better, with a spectacular fall in my cholesterol rates, reduction and improvement in my blood pressure, and in summary I have felt a general improvement of my health.

Eduardo P, Spain


July 11, 2001

I have recommended [Product Name] to my friends, one of whom (C. W. S.) has suffered from congestive heart failure for years. He has experienced nothing short of a miracle. After having a thorough examination, his heart specialist informed him that his heart was being healed and asked him what he was doing. My friend left the video and pamphlet including Dr. Pauling's formula with his doctor.

When I saw my friend later he shared his experience with me and he appeared to be the robust, healthy person he was years earlier. His depression was no longer evident and his positive outlook was inspiring. Also, when his wife saw me she ran to me and with a big smile and hug said, "thanks for saving my husband's life!" That's quite a reward for just recommending a product to a friend.

Thanks again


Robie A., TX


My father was going down fast about a year after a bypass, when the bottom vessels of the heart started clogging up. With two Nitro patches plus oral nitro, he was barely able to shuffle in the the hospital for cardiac rehab evaluation. He figured there was no point even trying, after seeing what was there, and how bad he was.

On suggestion by Dr. Robert Cathcart that he look at, he started taking Lysine, C and Co-enzyme Q 10.

In two weeks, he WALKED in, almost a new man. Some two years later, he took the stress test again, and beat the hospital records. Several other doctors are now taking it themselves, but only one has recommended it to his patients. That doctor reported to my father that he had seen another patient barely able to shuffle in, and turned his condition around simply by suggesting that he might try Lysine, as there was nothing else to try.



March 2002

Cardiovascular disease is the silent killer. They say there are no symptoms, but I want to make you aware of MY warning signals.

I wear turtlenecks a lot in the winter, and I found it odd that all of a sudden they made me feel claustrophobic . . . like they were choking me and I couldn't breathe right. I had a FEW dizzy spells but I earmarked them as hunger, which they probably were. The worst was the pounding in my ears. Never during the day, it was always when I'd gone to bed for the night. The pounding was SO loud that I got up out of bed on two different occasions to see who was knocking on my front door.

As luck would have it, I had an appointment with my chiropractor the day after one of those episodes. I told him about it and he listened to the arteries in my neck with his stethoscope. He heard what are called bruits and asked me if I wanted him to refer me directly to a CV or would I prefer to see my medical doctor? He deferred and said out of respect I should see my MD. I went to her, she listened and claimed to have not heard anything amiss. She laughed and said, "I think your chiropractor is full of $#!%, but to humor the two of you, I'll send you to a CV surgeon for further testing."

Three weeks later, after a carotid doppler, EEG, EKG, and that test where they go in through the groin with a little camera and die, I went under the knife, and spent nine weeks in hell recuperating. For the first week I couldn't even lift my head off the pillow and get myself up to use the facilities, without help. I couldn't shower alone because I couldn't reach my arms up higher than shoulder level to wash my own hair. This disease SHOULDN'T have happened to me. My CV surgeon says that it must be heredity. (Thank you, Mom)!

Now, [Product Name] is working wonderfully for me. As I already told you, I previously had surgery which involved carotid and subclavian artery by-passes because of blockage. They informed me at that time that I would require additional surgery on the other side of my neck, as I also had over 70% blockage there. I started taking the [Product Name] . . . .

Three months ago I went back in for carotid dopplers (ultrasound), also had to do the radioactive treadmill test. They found NO noticeable blockage that would require further surgery, which in essence means . . . the 70% that was already there was reduced to less than 30%, and my heart is in perfect working condition.

[Product Name] saved me from the agony of further surgery and recuperation. I have never taken more than one tsp a day and I even go days when I FORGET to take it. Just think how much better I'd be if I weren't blonde!

I also gave a FREE jar to a lady I met with the same problem. She took it for two weeks before she had to go back in for further testing to preclude impending surgery, and they called off that surgery because her condition hadn't gotten any worse from her test months before. She now buys the product from me, and I feel wonderful, knowing I helped someone else with my knowledge and [Product Name].

This is good stuff, and I wish I were a better salesman. Please feel free to list my real name, and you can also include my e-mail address in case anyone has questions.

I don't use the word love loosely, but YOU, have a special place in my heart. You were out there with information and a product that helped save my life.

Warm regards,

Marisa K.


Feb 2000

I started slow and built up to the three tablespoons a day. What a difference a week makes. I can actually feel it working. The third day I was starting to feel better. Today I ground a load of feed without many of the symptoms. I have a way to go, but this is the right track. I am taking three tablespoons of [Product Name]." [9 g vitamin C, 4.5 g lysine]

F.M. [Iowa]


July 1996

I have been taking 5 grams of C and 3 grams of Lysine daily since March 1996. In February 1993 I suffered a mild heart attack. I feel much better now and have no more chest pains! The good effect was apparent to me in two weeks. I have more energy, depression is gone and I feel like living. Thank you Linus Pauling! I only wish I would have known the treatment sooner. I found it on the Internet shortly after I connected.

Feeling good

Best regards,

Burt H., Colorado


Sep 2001

Hi: my name is Gary R., I'm currently 63 years old. In March 1989, at the age of 49, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. I was having trouble with high cholesterol (400 ) and high triglycerides (600). Then, in January 1991 I had a major heart attack. 

After my release from the hospital, the following Tuesday morning I began having another attack. I had been scheduled for an angiogram but at that point the doctors realized that I needed to be transferred to a hospital that could do angioplasty. That afternoon an ambulance took me to one of the best heart hospitals in the nation. Emergency angioplasty was performed that evening.

I was admitted to the hospital again and another angioplasty was performed that following Tuesday, exactly one week after the first angioplasty. The night before my scheduled release from the hospital I began having minor heart attacks. I had to be slotted into a surgical bypass waiting list. While waiting, I kept having minor heart attacks. It got so bad at times that the emergency cardiac team, paddles and all stood at my bedside until the attack subsided.

The surgery (double bypass) was a success. I was released from the hospital within seven days of surgery.

In December 1995 I had another heart attack, my cholesterol was still (300) and my triglycerides were (425) at that time. I had to have another angioplasty. The doctors could only find one bypass working. They were surprised to learn that one of the bypasses had atrophied and that the vein that was bypass had opened up. In fact, the doctor kept asking me if I was sure I had double bypass surgery. He said this was due to my continued exercise and low fat diet. I was again sent home with more Medicine.

In June of 2000 I had another heart attack, I was admitted to the hospital (ICU) unit. I was then told I needed three stents implanted two in the (R C A area) 1-4.0 x 18 M M and 1-3.5 x 23 M M. I was told that I would have to come back for the third stent in three or four months, as it was too dangerous to perform that many at one time. I returned to the hospital in September because of severe chest pains. Scar tissue had caused some blockage. The doctors then implanted the third stent and cleaned out the artery with a special cutting tool (rotor-rooter). The doctor said I might have to come back down the road because of possibility of scar tissue build up.

In between June and September time frame while at my local health food store. I began explaining my situation (I was running out of options) and the owner suggested a new product which he had just recently stock. He told me that one of his customers; a heart patient bought a whole case. This customer told him, that he had to have angioplasty every six months or so. His customer told him that he hasn't been back to see his cardiologists in over a year now. He didn't have any chest pains and his health had greatly improved. I asked him what the product was. He told me the product was based on a formula of Dr. Linus Pauling. The product was called [Product Name]. I purchased my first jar and three weeks later I purchased My second jar and so on.

It was the first part of December 2000, that I decided to look up Linus Pauling on the internet because I was having trouble getting [Product Name]. The store couldn't keep it in stock. That's when I found the web page. I decided to sign up for the auto ship program and a distributorship.

On December 18, 2000, I started with tightness in my chest and thought I might have a build-up of scar tissue starting. I was then scheduled for an angiogram. The angiogram proved negative, no scar tissue, no blockage, and everything looked good. I think it must have been a case of nerves or a slight case of indigestion, not sure; but it sure wasn't Heart trouble! Thank GOD!

I waited a few months to make sure the [Product Name] was working for me. I then decided to spread the good news. It's working.

As of this present time, September 1, 2001, I am free of chest pains. My cholesterol is 245. My triglycerides 176. My LP(a) 10. My sugar ranges between 99 - 130. I take no medicine for Diabetes. I take no Heart medicine, no zorcor, tricor, toprol, micardis, microzide, amaryl and actos. My blood pressure is down from 170/95 to 142/82 . I'm still mending and improving every day with GOD'S and the company's help, I'm going to make it! I'm proud to be part of the family and to Linus Pauling (if you're looking down) a big thank you.


Gary J. R., Michigan


Oct 2007

Greetings from Australia,

While 2 scoops a day of [Product Name] have been my tolerance limit, I have to say that there is a spring in my step already.

For the past eight months I have not accompanied my wife on our usual walk before breakfast because that would flatten me for the rest of the day.

Now I can walk with her, and not like a 'little old man' and it doesn't wreck the day.

I also walk about 5km later and now I can do that far easier, and with a bit of drive without resenting having to walk just to keep fit.

Well done team!

My history. Twelve years ago I had a double bypass operation to deal with major blockages of the cardiac arteries. I began taking statins about six months earlier after the first consultation with the cardiologist. Within a month of the operation I became quite weak and a blood test showed that almost every blood component was far below normal; for example I had hardly any testosterone and no iron stores. Iron supplements fixed the iron within a few weeks.

Over the past eight years I have complained of a lack of energy, and eventually breathing difficulties when walking and bending to pick things up off the floor. I could still manage to walk 9km about four times a week on flat ground.

In late January - February this year I had what were eventually categorized as mild heart attacks. An angiogram showed the heart was the same as before the bypass, and the third artery which didn't figure in the bypass (it is behind the heart) is blocked as are the extremities of the other arteries. The opinion was that there was no surgical action as a practical option.

Given that I had taken statins for almost 13 years I figured I had nothing to lose by stopping. I considered a number of options such as [PRODUCT NAME] and here I am.

Since the bypass I have described my condition as mostly dead, and I have revised that since stopping the statins.

What is strange is that the prevailing medical opinion was that there must be an underlying cause, and none sought that cause.

My late daughter had a congenital heart defect - Eisenmenger's Complex- a hole in the heart and pulmonary hypertension. I have a similar but smaller hole in my heart and a leaky valve which she apparently inherited from me. The Cardiologist does not think these are the source of my condition. Whatever, I think I am on track now.

Alan O., Australia


March 2006

You may want to know that I put my uncle on the formula a mere 10 days ago and his cardiologist did an EKG and called him up, excitedly, telling him that it looked as if he had never even had a heart attack (He has had 3!!!).

His doctor told him to continue doing whatever it was he was doing. Needless to say, we are all very excited to hear that!!!


Jim S.


Jan 2007

I am extremely grateful for all the help you have given us over the past few months. [Product Name] has proven to be almost miraculous in my grandmother's recovery, so much so that even her cardiologist couldn't believe her progress!

To remind you, my grandmother recently suffered from a stroke. She has been taking [Product Name] for a number of months now (just one jar/month) and recently visited her cardiologist. You will be happy to hear that he cannot believe how well she has recovered so far! Basically, he doesn't understand how she was able to make such a recovery.

I don't know the whole story, but I believe she had a partially blocked carotid artery and the first time she visited 6 months ago he gave her 3 options for operations of varying degrees of effectiveness and success (and survival). There was, however a 4th option, and that was that if she returned in 6 months' time (ie: this last visit) with a distinct improvement, she would not need an operation. No need to say that she can comfortably opt for the 4th option now! She has no doubt in her mind that it was caused, at least in the majority, by your [Product Name] product, so she and her family wish to thank you and your company for helping her.



April 2001

With the results of my last blood test Lp(a) down to 15, I'm cutting back to 1 TBLSPN/day. Continue to feel great!

K. M., Jacksonville, FL


Wed Feb 27 17:01:10 CST 2008

When I saw the Doctor and learned the pain was from inflammation not a blockage I said NO to another stent, there had to be a better alternative. Was I scared, YES but I knew that the [Product Name]® had always stopped the angina before, but didn't understand why it wasn't this time. I knew I need help, and you were there for me. Of course, the answer turned out to be adding a whole lot more vitamin C around the clock plus wearing Nitro patches and taking oxygen and becoming friends with the bathroom. I slowly got better and knew I had made the right decision. If the first medical stent was responsible for what was happening to me, then how would putting in two more help? My Doctor wasn't sure how long the two stents would help, the last one lasted 6 months before I started having problems. It might be just compounding the problem.

Well I made it, I am fine NO NITRO PATCHES, NO NITRO PILLS, NO OXYGEN, I have my life back, I feel great and I don't hurt!!! I truly believe that the [Product Name] product is the reason. I wasn't getting enough in my system and the inflammation flare up due to the medical stent caused my problem. I am so Thankful for all your help. My blood pressure is back to being in normal ranges again. 128/70 to 110/66.

Carol Smith, Longview, Washington

Update April 26, 2008: 

"I just received this photo from my daughter from her wedding February 29, 2008. You have my permission to use my photo in any way that it helps. 

Carol Smith

Carol Smith

In 1996 her doctors told her they had no treatment to offer her for her artery disease and that she should get her affairs in order.  Carol found the Pauling therapy for heart disease, and this photo was taken at her daughter's wedding in February 2008, some 12 years after her terminal diagnosis.
Well, I don't know that there is a need for a randomized prospective, double blind controlled trial when you get evidence of this sort, the value of large intakes of vitamin C and also of lysine for preventing the deposition of atherosclerotic plaques, and preventing death from cardiovascular disease."  Linus Pauling, Unified Theory Lecture, 1993
UPDATE - June 18, 2008:

I had an echocardiogram last monday..and went for the follow-up today.... WELLLL.. my Cardiologist says that all my valves are functioning perfectly... He seemed surprised... on top of that... my heart is no longer enlarged... it has gone back to normal size.   Just thought that might be some good news to pass along to millions of people... I am going to ask his assistant if she can get my records for me.  Everyone in the my cardiologist's office is excited about this.  I guess you can call me "Timex" or "Old Iron Sides".. ha ha.  Soooo next it’s the Afib.. He says that that  even looks better... won't kill me.  Sooooo the only medicine I am taking for my heart is Coumadin... the blood thinner... mainly for the Afib, which could make a blood clot if I didn't take the thinner.   Did I mention that my dad died from Cardiovascular disease, had an irregular heart beat, a pacemaker, an enlarged heart, ... and eventually died from a massive stroke?

Update June 17, 2008:

Well I had my Doctor appointment this morning to discuss the results of all the tests my doctor had ordered done. The good news is that everything was in normal ranges... His words were "You have no kidney or liver damage and also NO nerve damage to your eyes or feet which is pretty amazing considering that you have been a diabetic for almost 50 years." He said to keep doing whatever I have been doing because it is working and then he said "WOW". It made me feel good. Blood pressure was 112/60 68 and my heart is behaving again, and I am doing great.

Of course, he did bring up the fact that he wished I would consider taking Cholesterol pills. I asked WHY? since my test results were all very good. He just said that "it is a benefit for all patients to be on Cholesterol pills." I just smiled and said Cholesterol isn't the bad guy, cholesterol didn't cause my last two heart attacks, and I will not take any Cholesterol meds. I don't need them and he didn't argue with me. I truly believe that if I wasn't taking the high-dose Vitamin C in the Tower Laboratories products and the Unique E, I would not have received these great results again. Tower Ascorsine-9 and Unique E are an unbeatable team to good health and every Diabetic and heart patient should be faithfully taking them.

Thank you so much for helping me find the wonderful Tower product that works!

Carol Smith